Relationship advice in Hong Kong & Australia.

All marriages experience problems – that’s natural and healthy. When you take 2 people with a difference of opinion, more than likely different backgrounds (could be a cultural aspect as well), coming together to try and form a strong, loving, caring and functional relationship – there are bound to be problems at some stage along the way, right?

Your methods of relating in a relationship basically rely on your experiences as a child or teenager growing up with your parents or older siblings. That’s okay as long as they got it right – what if they didn’t?

      Conflict, the need to be right.

When it came down to conflict or difference of opinion, how was that managed? If what you witnessed were arguments that were settled by the person who shouted the loudest or  one partner would turn and walkaway, or even stand there in silence brooding, likelihood is, that’s what you’ll do?

The issues above exist the world over. Working  in both Hong Kong, Australia and many other countires via the internet, every couple faces similar challenges. Of course, every relationship is unique, but fundamentally it’s about two people trying to get along.

I take a snapshot of where your relationship is right now. We look at the issues which you and your partner are facing, then talk about were you’d like to get to.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or that the task ahead seems insurmountable, know that you do have options.

Commitment to try and make it work, acceptance of where you’re at, and the realisation that you can change – if you’re willing. Remember, you can’t change your partner but you can change you. That’s where we start. You have control over you, not your partner.

Common comments.

  • She doesn’t love me anymore
  • He says he loves me but he’s not in love with me
  • It’s like we’re room mates
  • We dont spend enough time together, my partner is always at work
  • We’ve lost that emotional and physical connection
  • I have a lack of trust
  • Not feeling attractive to my partner
  • They’re not willing to change


      Even if it’s only you trying, we can still  save your relationship.

A marriage or relationship involves commitment, a commitment to one another and a commitment to change. If you’re  willing to honour those commitments, we have a sound foundation to start.

Each relationship is  different.

These are confusing times, there’s no doubt about it. Not knowing who to ask or where to turn too  is  very stressful. No two relationships are the same, every relationship is different therefore the way we approach them is totally different.

 Using an integrative approach gets results.

“I really didn’t think I’d get through this and come out the other side. We actually sit down and talk now. Thank’s for the coaching and relationship advicePauline S. Queenstown NZ.
“We are a work in progress but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, thank you” Amanda K. Hong Kong.
“Sincerely thanks. We are stronger now than we have ever been” Michael T. Perth Australia.

Notice the language.

Notice the language. Is it more of “I”, “me” or “you,” instead of “us” and “we”? Do you spend more time apart than together? Are you leading parallel lives shifting further and further apart to feeling almost isolated? How often do you actually spend talking with one another on a daily basis?

Working on the premise that when you embrace change and show willingness and commitment to learning new ways of connecting, you can and do influence your partner.

I’m fully committed 100%

By understanding where you are and where you would like to get to, we then work on a plan for the piece in the middle – the gap.  Marriage counselling and couples therapy  have stood the test of time, however, there is a certain stigma attached to counselling.  I use a combination of Coaching/Counselling/NLP and Psychoeducation .

Where possible we work face to face, I have an office in Hong Kong and Perth, Australia. If that’s not possible I work  online which is equally as effective.

A supportive process.

This process is very supportive. Unlike traditional means we have regular contact throughout our time, not just on the day.

Packages are tailored to your individual needs with options to follow-up once the sessions have been completed. Options run over a 3-12 month period to insure you’re keeping on task.

If you are interested in a more innovative approach to saving your relationship or marriage,  Call now for a FREE 20-minute consultation and let’s start healing your relationship today.

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Dave Crispin was my coach in a very difficult and transitional period of my life. Working with him I made a significant shift in my personal development which reflected both in my relationship and professional life.
Ivet Pavlova - Sofia BULGARIA •
Recently I attended a workshop presented by Dave Crispin. Dave has a great style that welcomes, includes and informs. The workshop was very informative and engaging and we worked on understanding the essential skills of human engagement. I learned a lot and can now recognise the elements of person to person contact. Thanks Dave, top effort.
Tom Hoyer - Perth, AUSTRALIA
Every time I needed to talk about my intense moments you were there, a phone call or email away. Your assessment of our situation was very precise. Through our conversations and the awareness I have now, I am better able to understand and acknowledge my husbands feelings and emotions. Thank you Mr Dave.
Bonnie Yeo - Singapore
Thanks. I declined seeing another therapist. To be perfectly honest, no one else has given me the hope or encouragement as u did in just 30 mins.
Christine B. Hong Kong