Hong Kong Marriage Advice

Hong Kong marriage advice

Hong Kong marriage advice – Separation and divorce, there are other options.

Rapid rise of divorce in Hong Kong

Hong Kong marriage advice -Where we live in the world matters. Our social and romantic relationships are impacted by our geographical location. There are a number of factors that are important in maintaining a healthy, happy relationship regardless of where we call home. But certain cultural and societal aspects of where we live do have an impact on the way relationships function.

Hong Kong is seeing a documented rise in divorce rates. In fact, divorce is now 10 times more common than it was just thirty years ago, with the average marriage lasting just 11-12 years and remarriage lasting just 8. These staggering figures ranks Hong Kong as one of the top 10 divorcing countries in the world.

So what makes Hong Kong unique in its marital patterns? Why are we seeing such a significant rise in marriage breakdown?

Hong Kong work ethic

One contributing factor can be Hong Kong’s economic climate and working conditions. Many employees are working long hours, on unsteady contracts which do not guarantee future work. This can lead to stress, financial pressures, mental health concerns, as well as a lack of family independence.

Low pay and financial pressures can cause some families to live below the poverty line, often having to move home. In fact, there was a strong correlation between the soaring costs of housing and a jump in divorce rates in the 1990s, leading us to believe that financial losses were directly dissolving relationship stability.

Sometimes it might alleviate pressure to invite extended family to co-habit for a while, but this has wider implications and may not be optimal for relationship success. Tensions can easily grow between in-laws in close quarters, having a direct knock-on effect between spouses.

Another socioeconomic factor for changes in divorce rates could be that women in Hong Kong now have more financial independence than ever before, with a higher sense of individualism and work ethic. While this is good news for them, it can require some social adjustment, especially surrounding gender roles and the way women juggle a home and work balance.

Difficulties facing the ex-patriate communities

For the expat community, relocating to an unfamiliar country with a unique language and customs can be an isolating experience. If one partner is working all hours of the day while the other is trying to set up a home in a new community, there is a risk of loneliness, communication breakdown and depression.

Of course, there are many more reasons for the rise in divorce. Communication blocks, a significant age gap, adjustment to new parenthood, retirement, gambling problems or cross-border marriages can all be very common reasons for marital discord and relationship breakdown. 

In Hong Kong marriage advice is not always easy to find.

For these reasons, marriage coaching from the offset is strongly advisable to maintain a stable relationship. This empowers couples to make it through tough times together, such as the birth of a child, loss of a job or relocating for work. By giving couples the tools to succeed, through coaching or counselling, these statistics can begin to turn themselves around. For Hong Kong marriage advice or issues relating to your relationship, either phone me now on the number provided  or please email me on dave@regainmyrelationship.com

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