Marriage Counselling in Hong Kong

Marriage counselling in Hong Kong and in general, traditionally, hasn’t been that successful.

The results of Marriage counselling in Hong Kong and globally are very inconsistent.  There are many studies which have questioned the effectiveness of marriage counselling and traditional couples therapy. Counsellors and therapists rarely specialise in couples work alone, it’s normally the exception rather than the rule .

In saying that there are some good ones out there, if you can find them.

My practice focuses soley on issues relating to relationships.

Taking a snapshot of your situation we can explore how you arrived there.  Looking at both realities and perceptions we determine what is a realistic outcome?


Marriage counselling in Hong Kong

Whether marriage counselling in Hong Kong or worldwide the issues are traditionally very similar.

I specialise in working with you or both with the intention of saving your marriage.

Using an integrative approach including psychoeducation is a formidable alternative.

Satisfaction is high on the list of my prioritise, my focus is on getting results.  Imagine being told “you’re wasting time” or ” it’s probably better that you go your own separate ways.” Hearing those words would burst your bubble of hope and cause your anxiety to go through the roof.


Statistics About Marriage Counsellors

In a survey of 1,053 participants with a specialty or subspecialty in marital and family therapy, marriage & family therapists devote about 53% of their practice to marital and family issues. Psychiatrists -15%, psychologists – 27%, pastoral counsellors – 33%, social workers – 38%.

There are a number of professionals using an integrative approach not constrained by using just one modality.

If this approach appeals to you and you would like more information, drop me a line or please give me a call.

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